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Then AFBE’s Next Big Idea pitching competition is for you!

You can still submit your entry for a chance to win prizes, mentorship and more!

The competition will take place in person on 23rd April 2024 at the QEII Centre in London, during the AFBELive! conference. The event drives the dialogue, knowledge sharing, innovations and project developments around Diversity and Inclusion in the Engineering and Technology Sectors. This competition is open to any entrepreneurial or academic ideas that you would like to present.

Submit an idea and you could win a prize towards the development of your idea as well as getting the opportunity to present your idea as a 3-minute pitch to Senior Business Leaders.

Pitches are accepted in any of the following five themes;

  • AI in Engineering to Power the Future.
    • Analyse and Optimise Complex Systems, with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
  • Sustainability in Powering the Energy Transition.
    • Think about how we have sustainability across the entire supply chain to help with the energy transition process.
  • Equity in the built environment.
    • Ensuring that design, construction, operation, management, and regulation meets the needs of all communities.
  • Company Culture and Inclusion
    • Exploring the growing gap between the rich and the poor and its impact on engineering job opportunities.
  • Labour Income Inequality
    • Looking into the effect of company policies in providing the enabling environment to foster engineering solutions.


The three top ideas will be chosen from each theme. Chosen ideas are invited to pitch their ideas to key decision makers actively leading their respective categories at the AFBELive! conference.

There will be £500, £300 and £200 gift certificates available for the top idea pitches. Winners of the professional stream will be matched with personalised entrepreneurial mentorship to bring their ideas to life!

Competition Timeline:

April 15, 2024: Notices sent to successful applications

April 23, 2024: Competition Date

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